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Welcome to the Triumph Drivers Club of Manitoba web site. This is your source for information on Triumph and British sports cars in Manitoba, Canada.

We have changed the location of the Saturday morning breakfast. We will now meet at The Pony Corral Grant Park, located at 400 Wilton Street.

You're invited to join us and attend any of the events on our yearly calendar, whether you own a Triumph sports car, other British car or are just interested in them. The members of the Triumph Drivers Club of Manitoba look forward to meeting you and sharing our mutual experiences with these "Little British Cars".

Many of the Events that are sponsored or participated in by the Triumph Drivers Club of Manitoba are held in conjunction with other car clubs like the Austin Healey Club of Manitoba and Mid Canada Mini Group of Manitoba.

If you own a British Car, consider becoming a member of the TDC. Cost is only $20.00/year. Checkout "Club Info" for more information. To view the current membership, and see some of their cars, checkout the Members Page.

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  • The Events page has been updated with the events for 2018.

British Car night at the Pony Corral 2013

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